Hotel Owner Hotel Owner July 2017 digital - Page 43

FEATURE in an emergency. Even when we bought the manufacturing industries in this country Langham in 2005, the accounts were still are dying, putting thousands out of work. done in pencil. More and more robots are doing jobs that My scenario, going from washer-upper humans once did, such as packing orders; to hotel owner is unusual, but people could shops are introducing self-service tills that still follow my career path today and come mean fewer staff are required; so many through the ranks. Some people think of us now buy online, which means shops that they have to work in the same area close. The simple answer is that all these throughout their career, but there is nothing customer-focused workers could so easily to prevent a change of direction. Experience be re-trained to work in the hospitality is the key to success these days and so you industry. It’s time we opened our eyes to need to move around. Some time working the fact that there are a lot of workers abroad can give you a better chance too available in this country. So, although and I really don’t think Brexit is going to there is a concern over Brexit, I really don’t make any difference to our industry from an think we need to worry about the future of employment point of view. our industry. With Brexit, there is definitely an angle I am cutting down an Brv&&Vr֗76VBgFVVRv6FBW'2vVV7FVBb#'WB7FfPFW&Rv( B&RVVv7FfbgWGW&R2F2GW7G'gFW"fgGV'2גfFW wVW7G2&&&ǒ6&RF6VVW26Rg&WW&Rv&VBVFRv2"6v6VF( BFWW6VBFBvgFV"FV"fWw2'WBvRƗfRW&vW&RV&W"bFFR6SG&Gf6"&FW"F6VBW'6vR7FrBFRFVF22g'W7G&FpvV6RGFW"6VB6V6ǒ&P&W6fVBW'6'WB6FW2ƖRG&Gf6 7F7W7FW'26rf6RFf6RgFVFR7W7FW"֗76W2WBFBv&V6W6RFV֖vBW&2fRffW&V@FVWw&FR"6ƖVF'FW"FWVFrWFV"6BbFW@6ǒ7VF7FfbBFRFR'WBFW&RfR&VV6FfP6vW2fW"FR7BffRFV6FW27W7FW'2fR6V6&R66RpfBB&WfW&vS&6&R&V@7FFǒvF6WRb6Ɩ62ƖRvF6G&fV6FW3FW&FV6w2FRƖfRV6W"vF66VG2&Vp6WFW&6VBB6VV2&BF&VƖWfRF@vV7F'FVBv&crWfW'Frv0FR'FVWRBWGFW""FVVw&Ф#&6VB6VV'&GFV'VW2v2V&Ɨ6VBBBfvVBFRƖfR7F'bFVƖW"V&'FRRbFR&6W0g&&'( 2V6VFW'2vF6VV'&FW22'VWF&V6֖rv&BvrFVƖW"27FFVBFR&W&"Rv2( Ɩ7&VB'FPf'FRf֖ǓV6W&vVB'6"6R7FWv'CVFW6VB'vƗ( v&RrW7B6RbFRF&RW2vfRVBVpB6r&'( 26&VW"FR&fw2&'( 26&VW"v626WvB7&r2RFWFW&֖VFǒW6VVBFRFVGW7G'FvFRVF֖ƖVB&W'GR7W'&VFǒ22RF7F'Fr26&VW"2v6W"WW"Bw&7fV"W6RFVcr&'v&VB2vWFvW&RR2FFFVvW"fvp#זV"7FBBFRw&7fV"&'2r6VV'&Fr2SFfW'6'FR7FƗG'W6W72F2V"2Rr&VFǒ'V2FPvFVV7F&W&R7W76WGW&r2FRFW&RFRcRזV"B2G&6f&VBFRFVvFFRVb2vfRvVGBB0r&V6RFRf'7BBǒfW"7F"FVV7F&W&RधVǒ#pwwrFVvW"6VC