Hotel Owner Hotel Owner July 2017 digital - Page 39

ADVICE WHAT IT SOLUTIONS SHOULD HOTELIERS CONSIDER TO ENSURE SECURITY? 1.  Wireless network security, using more secure encryption 2. Separating public networks from internal ones 7. Two form authentication to log on to the hotel system, or any system with customer information 3. Staff security training, this is the weakest link and last port of defence 8. Anti-virus software on desktops, laptops and Macs 4.  Deep packet inspection on internet connections to make every connection safer 10. Monitoring intrusion and detection systems 5. Encryption on all laptops and devices with hotel data saved 12. Web security, checking all sites before allowing access to site 6.  Mobile device management on mobile devices to control access and ensure monitoring is capable 13. A need for the development of comprehensive security policies, annual security audits and post-breach processes 9. Anti-malware software 11. Email security, checking email before delivery For me, it always comes down to the system with a bombardment of requests to very dependent on each other but are not computers, effectively crashing the system. a natural mix of sectors. Therefore, hoteliers right kind of implementation and investing When this is part of what’s known as a may install systems but not fully comprehend intelligently with security. If you have an IT ‘blended’ attack, database details are stolen how to secure and monitor them. support system which fully understands your at the same time the system breaks down. Hotels are increasingly expected to setup and the time is taken to work out your have as standard everything from kinks, it won’t be problematic. In contrast, if computer at regular intervals – capturing Wi-Fi connectivity to electronic keys, CCTV you just try to ‘throw’ security at it without a all the data on your guests. They can even monitoring, room TVs that sync to customer plan or a strategy, it could be ineffectual and take control of webcams and monitoring devices, modern online booking systems very disruptive to the business. systems and sell the feed. Imagine the and a suite of technology that seems to consequences