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WACKY IDEAS DivorceHotel – Where marriage can end in a weekend The Dutch-founded DivorceHotel is aims to help you separate in what it describes as ‘divorcing in a positive way’. It can help you to do so ‘quickly, skillfully and affordably’, in a way that suits you best. SHEKINA TUAHENE sat down with the founder of the unique business to find out more about the concept I n the UK, divorces are currently granted with at a time without the other guests on five particular grounds: adultery; knowing. “The hotel we’re using is an unreasonable behaviour; desertion; you ordinary hotel; it’s a nice hotel. We just have lived apart for more than two years paired up with a hotel chain who were or you have lived apart for at least five prepared to accommodate us. Interestingly - years. While these circumstances work for they do weddings.” Overseeing the procedure with his many divorce proceedings, it doesn’t cover those in situations which are less extreme. colleague, senior lawyer Claire Thornton, For those who fall out of love with their Leckie handles the relationship side of partners or decide that they simply do not things and deals with the broader family get on anymore, getting a divorce can be a issues, while she tends to the financial complicated matter in an environment where settlements. blame and fault are usually encouraged. Just in March this year, the story of Tini Owens, 66, circulated in the press when CLAIRE THORNTON, SENIOR LAWYER AND DAVID LECKIE “A friend of mine used divorce hotel Identifying the suitability of each couple before the proceedings officially begin, Leckie and Thornton do an in depth she described herself as being “trapped in a a few years ago in the Netherlands - this pre-assessment of the couples, setting loveless marriage”. Judges refused to allow is how I became aware of it,” he says. “I up Skype interviews and compiling the her to divorce her husb 啅́ѡ՝ЁѼ͕ѡ́́፥ѥЁمՅѥ́ѡȁ͕́Ս́ͥ)ٕȃqչɕͽ٥ˊtѕȁȁѡЁݔձЁɽѡU,ͼ$䁡́ɔѡ䁑)͉ܵ啅ȵ!՝ѽѡ́mɽtѡՅѕ́ѡѼɽѡȁչՔ̸qQ͔)ѡЁЁ݅Ёٽɍ͔ͭѼչЁѡU,tɔѡݼЁѡ́ݡݔ)ٕѡq܁啅ϊtЁѼ)ѽѡȸ)=܁ѡѡٽɍ!ѕ݅)ɵѥɕ͔ѡݔ)ٕѡЁ1́ͥЁݸѽѡȁݥѠѡ)Q́ձѼȁɱЁѡЁѡᕍѥٔѡ䰁ѡ䁍Ѽѡȁݸͥ)ѼɽՍqձӊtٽɍɽ̰)!̰ɥݡ݅́܁ѡ݅ЁѼЁѡ͔ѡ̻tQ)ѡ́ݥѼɥ́ѡɽ՝qٕ䰁ٕ䁵䁑ٽɍtݡ́ѡ٥ѕѼѡѕȁ)ݥѡЁ٥ѼɽٔՉхѥѼѡѡЁѡɔѼݕݡɔѡݡɽ̸́)ɽѕȁ݅丁͍ɥѡՅɽ́)Qɥٕ́Ёѡѕ+qɕͥٔхѥtɥ䁕ٕݡɔѡ䁅ɔɵ)ɥ͔ѡЁэѥѡݥѠݡɔձٽɍɽՍѼ1Qɹѽ)ٽɍ!ѕ́ɕѱ䁉ɽՍɕᕐ٥ɽаݥѡЁѡЁ͡ݸѼѡȁ͕Ʌєɽ̸%ѡɔ)ѡU,ѕȁɽ́ѡɽ́ɕɕ́ͥѡɥɔɕѡ䁅ɔхѼхݥѠ)ݡ́ѡ9ѡɱ́ȁٔ%ѡU,ٽɍ!ѕх́)]ѡЁ́ЁѼЁ)ɕѥٕ́ɥѡ́ѥQaٽɍd)啅̰䁵ѽȁ٥1Ёeɭ͡ɔ͕х͡Ёѡ䁉́Mɑ䁵ɹ)Ѽɥѡٽɍ!ѕѼѡU,5ɍѥݡ́ݸѼѡ͔ݡɔѥɽ́х)Ѽɕٽѥ͔ѡ݅ѡѕɵѥ͕ͥ́٥̸͍ɕѥ́䁅Ёѡȁݼ́ɔչɕQ)ɥ́ѡ́չ丁ٽɍ!ѕ́䁽́ЁѡѥՔȁѡɕЁѡ()ܹѕݹȹլ))ձ