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ADVICE | RESTORING A HOTEL SUSTAINABLY BY ODDFELLOWS HOTELS ADVICE: Restoring a hotel sustainably by Oddfellows Hotels O ddfellows Hotels delight in telling dimensions, windows and high-ceilinged the stories and narrative of their rooms. This also meant that there was buildings through their interiors, less need to change the building’s restoring features and bringing history structure which made the build less back to life in a whimsical and inventive invasive and ultimately more sustainable. way to engage and delight their guests. All three original staircases were kept As such, during the conversion and rather than using the space to create restoration of Bruntwood Hall, Oddfellows more bedrooms. Original room sizes were Hotel’s second hotel on the outskirts of also retained rather than increasing the Manchester which opened in April 2017, volume of rooms. there was the opportunity throughout The challenges faced in the the build to use a sustainable approach restoration of the hall were mammoth, – reusing, restoring and recycling original but were approached in a measured way. features within the hotel. The building had been left with little repair Architect, Tim Groom, took a ‘minimal for almost 10 years and needed internal intervention’ approach to the project. structural work - with priority placed on The dimensions of the Hall were kept not destroying ceilings or original features. as authentic to their original layout to The tower at the front of the Hall allow the guest to retain the sense of (which houses the Bridle Suite) was history and occasion a visitor would have discovered to be structurally unsound and felt in Victorian times, through the large needed to be pinned in place. The team were intent on saving the original features – they were crucial to the success of the project and so restoration work had to be carefully achieved without ruining the integrity of the building. The success of the project has been defined by the restoration – the ceilings in The Galloping Major, The Stud Room bar, The Pigsty are all retained as is the original Victorian tiled floor in the grand hallway. Care was taken not to ‘over restore’ this floor but instead to polish what was there without replacing. The main staircase that holds court in the hallway did not conform to building regulations in terms of its height. Instead of replacing it with a pastiche replica, a modern glass panel was constructed behind it. The stained-glass windows found throughout the hotel during the conversion behind stud walls were restored and used to front 30 July 2017