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hotel owner SUSTAINABILITY HOTSHOTS 2017 particularly important given the hotel’s ambitious plans to become the first with in- room recycling. Achieving culture change is as much about good communication, finding ways to present the information that isn’t an onerous set of figures or a list of rules but one where simple messages encourage people to consider their own actions. For instance, instead of just presenting output consumption as a huge but meaningless figure, how about relating it to something that we can all recognise, such as the number of average-sized production display panel in the lobby and family homes that could be powered by the fresh filtered water provided in reusable electricity savings achieved by the hotel? glass bottles in the rooms, there is a For other hoteliers looking to drive to reduce their impact. However rather than adopting a scattergun approach and just implementing developing focus on how staff and guest their own sustainability plans forward, but a whole plethora of sustainable activity, behaviour can be nurtured further. who are perhaps put off by the thought it really pays to benchmark the hotel’s that it will only rack up more cost, it would current resource usage, set clear the ‘preaching to the masses route’ as the be worth heeding Qbic London City’s quantifiable targets and then track outputs whole ethos is to lead by example and get experience. While certainly the rewards to provide the evidence on which to base people on your side by believing in what you have resulted in personal satisfaction future decisions. do, not what you say. as well as going a long way towards the That isn’t to say the hotel is going down Considerate Hoteliers specialises in worthy vision of being the greenest, the helping hospitality businesses reduce workshops with the Qb ic London City team sustainability actions have also achieved a their environmental impact while cutting to reinforce the positive impact towards the very tangible economic benefit. their operating costs as well as providing However we’re lining up a series of sustainability effort that each member of Plus, as the hotel is only too aware, CSR advice. staff can create through simple changes today’s travellers place far more value on in behaviour and their role in helping to those businesses that value their own For more information, visit influence guest behaviour. This will be environment and are taking positive steps July 2017 29