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SUSTAINABILITY | CASE STUDY Business partners also benefit as Battlesteads’ local sourcing policies and emphasis on reducing food miles means local communities are supported and Battlesteads also provides a free shuttle Since 2012, the hotel’s carbon footprint custom is given to local suppliers. bus from the neighbouring town of Hexham has been reduced by 77.5%, from 23.24kg for the elderly residents. CO 2 per room, per night to just 5.23 CO 2 continuing to build relationships with other Going forward, Battlesteads is per room, per night – including doing all local businesses, helping to support the village school; most pupils there travel laundry on-site. This is considerably lower local economy as well as providing more from quite far away and when the school than the industry average of 31.1kg CO 2 and activities and reasons to visit for guests, kitchen closed, they approached the Battlesteads is setting the standard for such as teaming up with a local birds hotel to provide hot meals every day. sustainable hotels across the country. of prey centre for falconry and offering Battlesteads also supports the local Battlesteads provides this for £2 for two The hotel’s renewable heat initiatives courses and the uptake has now risen to and carbon reduction payment set against around 95% of the children. the initial set-up costs has evened out, Results courses in smoking meats and fish with the local smokers. Battlesteads has been recognised resulting in an exceptionally low energy bill. on a national stage for its sustainability, Guests respond positively to the hotel’s in the past year alone winning the Hotel Richard and Dee Slade set out to create a sustainable initiatives – even those who Catey for Sustainable Hotel of the year, sustainable tourism destination that didn’t haven’t given much thought to eco-friendly AA Hospitality Award for Eco Hotel of compromise on luxury or comfort, and this practices before they visit appreciate the Year and the VisitBritain Award for is what they have achieved. the efforts that are being made and the Excellence Gold Award for Sustainable passion of the team. Tourism Business. Since building the five new eco lodges, occupancy levels have risen to 80% throughout the year ѡɬ)ͭ䁽͕مѽ䁡́ѡͥ)ɔхѡɽ՝Ёѡ啅Ȱ)䁡Ёݥѕȁѽɥʹ́ѡ́)ݡѡͭ́ɔЁѡȁɭиQ)͕مѽ䁉ɽ՝ЁѥԔ)ɹٕȁѼѡͥ́ɥ)Ё͕ͽ ѱѕ)́ѡ䁡ѕѡU,ݥѠ)͕مѽ䁽ͥє) ѱѕٕ́́иД)ɕՍѥɝ䁽ٕȁٔ啅ȁɥ)єܔɕ͔)=ѡ䁽ѥٕ́ɕЁ啅)́ѼɕՍѡѕéɉ)ɥаݥѠɽɕ́ѽɕ)ѡɽ՝ Mٔͥѡ!ѕ ɉ)5ɕЁ%ѥѥٔ()ܹѕݹȹլ))ձ