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hotel owner SUSTAINABILITY HOTSHOTS 2017 Forbes Professional Miele 60 ENERGY SAVING With hotel sustainability targets pressing hotels to reduce their energy consumption, in-house laundry operations are always a key area to review when working towards that goal. Historically, tumble dryers are notorious for their high energy consumption values, but there are now ways to achieve an optimum drying result whilst maintaining impressive energy and cost efficiency. Miele’s new heat pump commercial dryers employ EcoPlus technology to deliver unrivalled energy efficiency. As they do not require any make-up air, they can be installed in the basement or in a central location within the hotel and they eradicate the need for costly vent-ducting. The innovative design also ensures that fluff cannot clog the heat exchanger or adversely affect the exceptional drying efficiency. The seamless interaction of Miele’s economical filter system and heat exchanger keeps run times low and enables an energy saving of up to 60% when compared to vented dryers. Forbes Profe ssional provides a range of options for heat pump dryers, including the PT 8337 and the Little Giant PT 7137. All of our Miele commercial laundry is available on a purchase, rental or lease basis, with access to a comprehensive service that includes installation, commissioning, user training, and a first class repair and maintenance response. INFO: or 0345 0702335 or The Fine Bedding Company The Fine Bedding Company has released new figures relating to the production of its entire product range designed especially for the hospitality sector. It has revealed that: • 100% of the energy used to produce its synthetic duvets and pillows comes from certified renewable sources • Compared to the industry standard, it has a 19% lower carbon footprint on its duvet production • 94% of waste from its production facility in 2016 was recycled into ‘use’ and ‘energy’ •  Its Spundown duvet uses up to 30% less fibre than the market average to produce the same tog rating (but still delivering loft) The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division produces all of its synthetic duvets and pillows in their facility that has been awarded Eco Factory status and was named Estonian Environmentally Friendly Business of the Year. Sara Nolan says “Over the past few years, we’ve recognised the positive eco measures that hotel operators are taking as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies. “We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our products through sustainable manufacturing and better quality performance.” The Fine Bedding Company also offers hoteliers some of the most easy to wash products on the market, which in turn helps businesses reduce their laundering costs. INFO: Rointe Rointe’s energy smart heating products offer healthy comfortable and steady heat. Its Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology, helps its radiators achieve an equivalent ratio of consumption of only 38% of its nominal power during a 12 hour working period. That means, the other 62% of nominal power is saved. Unlike other heating products, D Series is the only one on the market which has WiFi built inside so there is no need for gateways or intermediary devices. Simply plug them in and connect with the Rointe Connect App and then you can control them whenever you want. Thanks to the new True Real Power energy consumption meter installed in all the D Series products, you can also see the real daily, monthly or annual heating consumption from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Anton Treacy, manager of Treacy’s Hotel in Enniscorthy, Wexford, said: “D Series allows us to control the bedroom setting from reception, anytime, anywhere. This is vitally important when controlling the businesses running costs. Our customers say that the new radiators provide a lovely, very comfortable heat and ambient feel. They also can rise the room temperature quickly which is greatly appreciated.” INFO: 01432 598 019 or or Proper Oils Proper Oils collects used cooking oil from hotels across London and the South of England for refining into biodiesel. Offering a five-star service, it prides itself on reliable, efficient and clean collections. This helps you hit your sustainability targets and reduce your environmental impact, while making sure that your used cooking oil collections are easy to manage. Proper Oils is the only used cooking oil collection supplier chosen this year to work with Considerate Hoteliers, sustainability consultants serving the hotel and hospitality industries. If you prefer, you can order your fresh cooking oil to be delivered at the same time as your waste oil is collected. Proper Oils offers a range of fresh oils, including vegetable and rapeseed. The company is happy to answer any questions, so if you would like to find out more or book a collection, please contact them via the details below. INFO: or 020 3131 3044 July 2017 Winterhalter Heat exchange technology is radically changing and improving the energy efficiency of warewashers. The latest example is Winterhalter’s ClimatePlus passthrough. It sucks in warm heat from the kitchen, using heat exchangers to capture the waste energy and use it to heat up the incoming cold water supply. The ClimatePlus cuts energy consumption by 53%, compared to a standard passthrough machine. It improves the kitchen working environment, not only by extracting the warm air, but also by pumping out cool, dry air if the ambient temperature goes over 25C. Winterhalter worked with the Carbon Trust and, through carbon footprinting, is now able to give accredited running costs, including energy figures, for the lifetime of its machines. The figures are independently verified, by the Carbon Trust. Winterhalter is the first catering equipment company to attain the Carbon Footprint label. While energy labelling under the Ecodesign Directive will tell buyers how energy efficient a piece of equipment is, it won’t tell them its lifetime costs. Or its carbon footprint. In order to make a truly informed decision, and to enhance their environmental credentials, foodservice operators will need to know these figures – which is where the Carbon Trust’s expertise in footprinting comes in. INFO: 01908 359000 or or or 21