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hotel owner SUSTAINABILITY HOTSHOTS SUSTAINABILITY HOTSHOTS 2017 SUSTAINABILITY HOTSHOTS Sustainable practices in the hospitality industry have become a commodity in themselves. With ‘eco-tourism’ now a highly sought after factor for travellers, many hotels are having to align with the qualities and practices that eco-friendly establishments offer. We search the industry for Hotel Owner’s 2017 Sustainability Hotshots. By SHEKINA TUAHENE R esearch conducted by Unilever in January this year found cheaper and at times more sustainable sources. They promise to that one third of customers chose to buy from brands help clients save up to 15% on annual fuel bill by switching to them. that they believed were doing “social or environmental good”. As well as this, in 2015 the United Nations declared 2017 CLEANING the ‘International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development’, Some may choose to become more ‘green’ with daily operations pledging to advance the contribution of the tourism sector to such as cleaning and housekeeping, as there are options to economical, environmental and social benefit. make these practices less harmful to the environment. Diversey As a result, many businesses are adopting corporate social Care’s innovative SURE range of plant-based cleaning products responsibility (CSR) as a core tenet of their business model, are as effective as other market choices, whilst being friendlier to setting themselves goals to become more socially accountable, surfaces, fabrics and the atmosphere. The products have minimal as well as self-regulating further than what is required by law. effect on the environment after use as their 100% biodegradable In hospitality and the hotel sector, improved sustainability can makeup means they can be disposed of safely without having a be achieved in many ways and there are plenty of steps an detrimental, long term impact. establishment can take towards becoming greener and reducing its impact on the environment. SUPPLIERS An area less well known in the sustainability arena is the choice ENERGY of soft furnishings. The towels, duvets and cushions that are Arguably one of the easiest ways of monitoring a hotel’s carbon used in hotel rooms can also go towards lowering a property’s footprint is to look at its energy consumption and work towards carbon footprint. The Fine Bedding Company provides beddings lowering it. Turning off lights, moderating heating and controlling which are manufactured in a sustainable way to reduce carbon hot water temperatures are all simple but highly effective ways footprint, thus reducing that of the hotel they supply to. The firm that a hotel can reduce its energy usage. manufactures its products with 100% of the energy used coming Rointe’s energy-smart heating products help to monitor and from “certified renewable sources” and it boasts a carbon footprint optimise usage through meters and heating products which 19% lower compared with the industry standard. Products like work to make the most out of minimal use. Its True Real Power these ensure that a hotel is sustainable at all chains of supply meter gives hoteliers daily, weekly or monthly reports on energy and gives confidence that it is working with companies who have consumption allowing a hotel to tweak its settings to be more similar goals and ethos with regard to sustainability. Maintenance efficient and lower costs. The company’s D Series heating range and energy costs continue to be reduced as the range is easily uses 38% of a radiator’s nominal energy for 12 hours of the day, washed in house, removing the need for laundering services. meaning 62% of its power is being saved for the rest of the day. Other ways hotels can improve their sustainability through the Anton Treacy, manager of Treacy’s Hotel in Enniscorthy, Wexford, supply chain is by making use of the businesses and environment says: “D Series allows us to control the bedroom setting from local to them. Some hotels pride themselves on keeping the reception, anytime, anywhere. This is vitally important when community thriving through the use of local farmers, butchers and controlling the businesses running costs.” produce. By using local business to supply food to the hotel, the Switching energy suppliers is a significant method for need to transport the goods across long distances is significantly significantly reducing energy usage, as well as the amount that lowered. It can also lessen the cost of storage methods such as is spent on it. AvantiGas are off-grid energy specialists who can refrigerators, as being in such close proximity to the raw supplies create tailored solutions to help hotels switch energy providers to means it can be easier to get them fresh and on a regular basis. July 2017 19