Hotel Owner Hotel Owner July 2017 digital - Page 14

HOTEL CONCEPT OF THE MONTH Hotel Concept of the Month: Biofit Building on the idea that humans thrive when they are at one with nature, Biofit gyms combine the outdoor environment with physical activity. The team behind the organic gym concept say it can offer properties an alternative option to the traditional fitness centre. By SHEKINA TUAHENE B Morley also describes a relatively simple iofit is an ‘organic gym’ concept created by Matt Morley, with the aim set-up process, as the flooring is laid down of bringing the “proven wellbeing straight onto concrete and plants are benefits of biophilia” to its customers. hung with the company’s own rope. Ceiling Through the use of natural materials and beams and hooks are attached to overhead aromatherapy, the aim is to bring its users equipment and wall murals of natural closer to nature through exercise. The landscapes are used as wallpaper. The surroundings are meant to “follow the whole job takes seven days to complete. Research conducted in association with body’s natural rhythm” using apparatus the UK Active Research Institute in January made from wood, cotton, leather and rope. showed that Biofit environments “tangibly Morley has combined his experience working in hotels and mixed-use real reduce stress levels and improve the mood estate, along with his passion for “green of users”; a possible advantage to those exercise” to bring Biofit to the masses. travelling on business and a bonus sense of Starting off as a popup concept, Biofit relaxation for regular guests. Despite being an indoor fixture, Biofit plans to offer its gym concept as a complete design service, potentially tries to emulate the outside world closely requiring a renovation of the fitness and deliver similar results to what is found in centres of hotels which buy into it. the wild. The design of the gym incorporates “air purifying” plants to reduce the “harmful Morley says: “There is a wider health angle here that sees Biofit fitting into a and fitness beginners alike with a “fresh, hotel or resort with a wellness focus or organic alternative”. simply a forward-thinking brand. The gym It can also prove a low-cost alternative toxins” in the air. Cardio, strength, stretching and combat zone exercises are covered in the Biofit space can even double up as a meditation to hotels as there is no need for most of the gyms, as the equipment’s versatility can suit or kids play area when required.” high-tech equipment found in many modern a variety of workout styles. Benefits to all kinds of hoteliers are gyms, and that means lower electricity bills. Biofit’s hopes are that like-minded identified with Biofit, not just those which Not much is needed to erect a Biofit gym hoteliers will partner with the brand over centre their brand on wellness and the at a site: Morley points out that a viable the next 12 months with the promise that natural world. As most gyms feature similar, space could be “anything from 50sqm to as long as an architect and landscape recognisable layouts which may fall into 500sqm in size, indoor or outdoor, city or team are on board, a project can be turned the “universally vanilla” category, the Biofit countryside; all we really need is plenty of around in “less than three months from start gym can appeal to