Hotel Owner Hotel Owner July 2017 digital - Page 10

Heston Blumenthal. Three Michelin stars. Two restaurants. One breakdown. If Heston Blumenthal had a breakdown everyone would hear about it. But what if it happened to Sam Green? Every year hundreds of people in our industry suffer a personal c \\ˈ[H[x&[]\X\X] [ٝ[B][]HX[ۈ\[^\\HX\HYX\ˈXZHHۘ][ۈ܈[][ܙK۝X\ۂ   ML ܈ۈ˚][]XX[ۋܙ˝Z–[HY\\HY\[K[\ZYۈ[HۜܙYHY\YXH[][X][ۜ˛Y\YXK˝ZY\\Y\]H LL L