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JULY 2017 £5.95 WWW.HOTELOWNER.CO.UK H O U S E K E E P I N G | R E N O VAT I O N | F O O D & B E V E R A G E | S P A | P R O P E R T Y | E D U C AT I O N hotelowner for the independent hotelier who means business ISSN 2049-7709 50 YEARS IN THE TRADE Neil Kirby, owner of the Langham in Eastbourne, shares his take on the hotel trade over his half-century in the business DIVORCE HOTEL SUSTAINABILITY HOTSHOTS Want to do the legals over the course of a single weekend? With best practice, case studies and a range of hot products and services CYBER- SECURITY Hotels are as much a target as any other business FRONT OF HOUSE Exploring the background on Jamaica Inn p34 DATA Record inbound tourism and spending p16 OTA STRIFE Are booking engines beating you on SEO? p50