Hospitality Today Summer 2017 (#38) - Page 6

Hospitality 6 | Hospitality Today | Summer 2017 and the ‘GDPR’ In this issue we shine the spotlight on the ‘GDPR’, the new data protection rules due to come into force in less than a year’s time. On these pages, the Forum of Private Business warns that many small businesses are totally unprepared and “won’t be able to cope”, and on a practical note, IP lawyer Medina Forson advises what hospitality businesses should be doing: New Data Protection Bill risks being the ‘death knell’ for many small businesses, warns Forum of Private Business The Forum of Private Business is calling on the Government to form a working group to consider the impact on small businesses of the proposed GDPR legislation, as a lack of clarity on what small business can and cannot do in terms of data use will lead to inertia through fear of breaking the new rules. The Forum cites four main concerns:

 That only larger businesses, with in house compliance guidance or the budget to employ outside consultants, have paid any attention to what the implications of the legislation are. Inadequate guidance has been given by the Information Commissioner’s Office to help small 'W6W76W2BFW&PV"F&R&V2bFR&FB&PVFFW'&WFFv6FBvfPFR6&GFB6'W6W76W2VVB( v7Bf7W2bFRVv6F2Fv&G0&FV7FrW'6FFFW&RV F&RFW&VFVFVB66WVV6W0FB6VB7B6'W6W76W2FRf7W26f"2&VVp&r'W6W72vW2W'6FF@FWVFRGFVF2&VVvfVFrFW6R6vW2ffV7B6'W6W76W2( FRv6'W6W76W2W&FPFF( 2v&B&VƖW2VV7G&06V6FvFW7Fr@&7V7FfR7W7FW'2'W6W76W0&VǒVƗ7G2f"FV"&WFrBFR&7V7Bb'FrfW'@66VBBFr66V@&V6&G22RFB'W6W76W0v6ǒB&R&RF6RvF( 6B֖7&'W6W76W2&VGf6PF7&'FFR67Bb6ǖpvF&VwVF2vV6&VBF&r'W6W72FRFVFf"琦bFVrFfRFV G&7FfbFFVvF6Ɩ6RFFvVVB"'WƖRFFvVVBF2v&R'W&FVF@6RvB&R&RF66FFRBFRF&VBbFRG&6fW0FBGF6F'&V6W2btE"v&R7Vff6VBFVB6R'W6W76W06ǒF66RFv( (