Hospitality Today Spring 2017 - Page 3 | 3 “Barbecoa celebrates the primeval art of cooking with wood, smoke and fire” “The industry is facing the perfect storm in terms of operating costs” “Those best able to adapt will survive” “Steve Ridgway will be a dedicated champion of British tourism at a very exciting time for the industry” Jamie Oliver launches Barbecoa Piccadilly Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of BHA Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidfood Karen Bradley, Culture Secretary Page 4 Page 24 Page 14 Page 12 Oliver Peyton - see p22 Hospitality TODAY EDITOR David Weston In this issue . . . 4 Jamie Oliver opens Wolseley rival a few doors down 10 VisitEngland awards star-rating contract to the AA DESIGN Tony Crowther 12 Steve Ridgway takes helm at BTA Hospitality Today Magazine 14 Arena Savoy Lecture: Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidfood Belfry House, Batts Field, Bruton BA10 0DX 18 People, appointments and promotions Published by Special Publishing Ltd. Registered in England No. 3217188. To advertise in these pages, see: and tourism ‘Sector Deal’ bid 19 The Italian-style gelato range from Joe Delucci’s 20 Eating Out: news and trends 24 The hospitality market: figures and forecasts Front cover: Steve Ridgway, new Chairman of VisitBritain - see p12