Hospitality Today Spring 2017 - Page 21

Other new menu items include: A vegan take on Pret’s popular macaroni cheese A vegan brownie (above), filled with gooey, dairy-free salted caramel A breakfast bowl of blended green smoothie, granola, mango and pomegranate New baguette, wrap, flat bread and brioche options A Matcha Coconut Latte, almond milk coffees, and Organic Kombucha on tap Pret’s CEO Clive Schlee said: “We opened our Veggie Pret pop up as an experiment last year, never imagining it would be around for more than a month. “Customers have been asking for more vegetarian and vegan options and our chefs have been experimenting with | 21 new ingredients and flavours to meet the challenge.” Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on the recipes in the shop or online using #VeggiePret. Schlee continued, “As ever, I encourage you to let us know what you like and what we’re getting wrong. We read every tweet and review and they help us decide which recipes you’d like to see in all our shops, and where we need to try harder.” For customers unable to make it to either Veggie Pret, the company has also launched seven colourful veggie and vegan options across all of its UK shops today, as well as announcing that all of its monthly Chef’s Specials will be veggie or vegan until September. Peyton and Byrne reopen at the National Gallery Peyton and Byrne has announced the opening of the new National Café, within The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The restaurant is designed to be a destination in its own right, sure to attract locals and visitors to the capital looking for “a refined eating experience and a vibrant atmosphere”. The new restaurant was closed for just under two months and has been redesigned by Paris-based Belgian designer Ramy Fischler. Now featuring intimate booths, a self-service Grab & Go area, a bar and an exclusive private dining room, the National Café, which seats 72, is also ideal for theatre-goers or those looking for an elegant drink after work. The British and European menu, designed by Oliver Peyton and Executive C V`&6&BWv6'&FRVƗG'&F6w&VFVG2B6W&6RVBf6F'BfVvWF&W2F&V7Fǒg&Ц'F6&GV6W'2F7&VFRF2Wp66WBv6&VfV7G2FW&F7V6RFRWvǒWFFVBB&Vg&W6V@&W7FW&BvffW"6VV7FbF6W26VFr6&67VBvFVF&VB&v266ƖV*3v6&vGV6B7F6FW'&RvF&@&vR66*3BvƖ6&fWGFR7FVvFFFW&FFW2Bw&VF*3#"