Hospitality Today Spring 2017 - Page 13

way takes VisitBritain When the company bought Cougar Marine (1981-85) he became General Manager based in Miami. On return to the UK he became the Project Head and Chief Pilot of the two ‘Virgin Atlantic Challengers’, the boat in which he re-captured the fastest crossing of the North Atlantic (1986). Ridgway remained close friends with Richard Branson and formally joined Virgin Atlantic as Managing Director of Virgin Freeway. His career with Virgin progressed rapidly becoming Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1998 and Chief Executive from 2001-2013. He is currently Chairman of Scandlines Ferries in Denmark. Ridgway also co-owns the St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall with his brother. Karen Bradley Ridgway to lead Tourism Sector Deal bid Ridgway has agreed to head up a ‘Sector Deal’ bid for Tourism – this would mean the Visitor Economy featuring in the Government’s long-term economic strategy, allowing the sector to work on longer-term policy goals and making the industry “more resilient and competitive” in the future. As part of the Government’s ‘Industrial Strategy’, tourism bodies will be working with Ridgway and the Tourism Department (DCMS) to take part in this bid and shape some of the key tourism ‘asks’ of Government. DCMS Secretary of State Karen Bradley said: “Steve Ridgway and Denis Wormwell bring with them a wealth of experience and will be dedicated champions of British and English tourism at a very exciting time for the industry. “I would like to thank Christopher Rodrigues and Lady Penny Cobham wholeheartedly for the invaluable contribution they have made to the tourism sector over the past decade and beyond.” Christopher Rodrigues CBE