Hospitality Today Spring 2017 - Page 12

12 | Hospitality Today | Spring 2017 Steve Ridgway CBE Steve Ridgway CBE took up the post of BTA (VisitBritain/VisitEngland) Chairman on 1 April 2017, appointed by Culture Secretary Karen Bradley. At the same time, Denis Wormwell (a BTA board member since 2009) will take up the role of chair of the VisitEngland advisory board, taking over from Lady Penny Cobham. Both appointments are for three years. Until December, Wormwell was chief executive UK tour operating and hotel business Shearings Leisure Group, a position he held for almost ten years. During this time he led a management buyout of the business and under his stewardship the business grew to carry over 1.1 million customers a year. Steve Ridgw the helm at of the Locarno Suite at the Foreign Office, where the best of British seafood was showcased alongside Nyetimber sparkling wine from Sussex – which has beaten Champagne in blind tastings, just as VisitBritain hopes to beat France in attracting international tourists. BTA (the British Tourist Authority) says that Ridgway as Chairman will “provide strategic leadership to our work to boost tourism to and within Britain, leading the delivery of a new era of greater coherence and partnership for the visitor economy”. BTA’s Chairman works with VisitBritain’s private and public sector partners in England, Scotland and Wales to aid VisitBritain and VisitEngland in strengthening the marketing of Britain as a tourist destination overseas. Wormwell spent ѡɕ啅́́ɕѽ)Q́ Qȁ=Ʌѥ̰ɔ)9ѥɕ́ɽݡɔ)ѡɽᕍѥٔѡ)ͥ́ȁͥ啅́݅́ɕѕ)ݥѠɽݥɅ͙ɵѡɅI݅䁉́ ɵѕȁ٥)ͅЁѡ Q ɐ̸ͥ!́ͼ)9ᕍѥٔ ɵMх))ѕɹѥɅ䰁ݥ(́啅́́ ᕍѥٔYɝ)ѱѥ̸݅)QٕȁѼI݅䁙ɽ) ɥѽȁIɥՕ́ ɥФݡ)́ Qȁѕ啅̰݅́ɭ)ɕѥѡ́ѠɅȁ!́ͥ́ɕȁЁMȁ))͵ѣé ٕ̰ѕ)ѡQɽ́ ͥ)ٕЁ5ȀĤ