Hospitality Today Oct-Nov 2016 - Page 27 | 27 ability to compete with Europe. Visitors from China can take out a Schengen visa, allowing them to visit 26 European countries but need a separate visa to cross the channel. David Morgan-Hewitt, managing director of The Goring said: “London is the greatest city in the world but it’s lagging behind its European neighbours in terms of attracting Chinese tourists and it’s time to take action. Gender pay gap “disappears” The latest figures also reveal that the gender pay gap has now completely disappeared, according to Fourth. Previously males earned 13p more per hour in June 2016 and 21p more in 2014. This is H[YY\HXܛB][]K]Y[X\[[ܙHۂ]\YH[HX[\]\[Xܜ[HY[X\[ܙH[HTԈ[[Xܜ˂R]\\][YH]XY \[[[\BH8&[[&H\ܝHH]\][]H\X][ۈ JH\[]HRYZ[]\X[[Y\[]Y\]X[šY \[[[\H\\“ۙ۸&\^\H[˂H\ܝ[][H[B[Y\ݙ\ HZ[[ۈ\]ܜB[H\YX\HRۛHXZ]\Œ̎ [\H\]܈\X][ۜ˂[\H][\\H[XYH[[ۙœYHوHY\[\[HR\[]ۈ]\YH0̋ HXY[Y\[\HܙY]\˂[H M[H H[ܙX\HۈB[YH[۝\YX\Y\HX\ٝ[H[\ZYۋBRݙ\Y[[XYH]YX\\H[ MK[\ݙHHR&\‚'[Y\[\][\Hۈ]\›Z[HHH]X[ܙHX]\HX\][]H܈[YX\&H[YK]HYYBX]H^K'BH8&[[&H[YY\X\[™HX[Hوۙ۸&\Y Y[[^\H]Z[\\\[]]\™H\ݙ\[[X[\X\[\\[]]\HHH[Y[˜YY^X]]HYHXZ[KH8&[[&HX\]Y[H]][YX]Y[\H[X[\[XZ\\[\[\H][ۜ[Z[]\[[\H\[\[\HY\[\[HZ[X\[[]X\]ܜ˂Hۜ[\H[Hœ\\][\H][\[H[ܙX\[H[\\Y[^Z[[]K\\[][[HX\]X]\\[]HYX\]HX\Y\