Hospitality Today July-Aug 2016 - Page 19

“Impulsive” consumer behaviour revealed | 19 With the rise of quick and convenient apps, services and payment methods making it easier than ever for Brits to make instant purchases, new research from gives insight into the nation’s impulsive habits when it comes to disposable income. Over a quarter (26%) of UK consumers say they buy on impulse at least four times a month, spending an average of £357 per year on spontaneous purchases. Bookatable CEO Joe Steele commented: “Compared to the seemingly decadent days of the 80s, the business lunch has been on the decline in recent years. Our research shows that perceived expense and a lack of time are major contributing factors – but many restaurants now offer incredible lunchtime deals coupled with speedy service. We want to encourage British business to get out of the meeting room and into the dining room.” The leisure and hospitality industry benefits the most with the average spent each year on dinners and dr []\0LLKݙ\[][\]\YKZ[[X[[L ˍ[ݙ\ M\[0 M̋[X[\\ B[HY]\“X[[[XXY[\[B[]H]X[Y]\^B[[ۈH8'ܘX['HX\]H\[[\]H܈[X\[H[\›و[[]H\Y B\X\\\Yۈ[\و[ܙH[ LZ[[ۈ\XHXY[XœH[ݙ\H\YX\[H\[H\]X][HY[ۜ[Y\\\H\YܛوBY][ݙ[Y[ [\[X]\]ٙ\[›X[܈ H H܈X\HۙH[[H\\\ HX\H IH[ܙX\B[Z\ܘX[X\]\K[[\]H\[ HH H H˜[X[[H[ L JHوHX\] \\[[Y\] ݙ\H\YX\[X\]HH HXHوܘX[[\]\^H[XZH\HوHX\] YX[[H[Y\Hۈ H[X\]\K[H]\YHۜ[Y\\ H[Y\›[ܙHZ[HHH[X[B[Y ]Y˂