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Perhaps the best part of the book for the restaurantgoer , though , is the over 100 full-colour reproductions of actual menus - some at the cutting edge of contemporary culinary innovation , and others that are relics from another age .
From the classic to the innovative : a Christmas menu served during the siege of Paris in 1870 , which featured rats and zoo animals ; the wittily illustrated menu at Quo Vadis in London , which gave the restaurant a new lease of life ; and many more .
( Le Gavroche ), April Bloomfield ( The Spotted Pig ), Daniel Boulud ( Bar Boulud ), Ruth Rogers ( The River Café ) and many more , who reveal how they decide what food to serve and what inspires them to write their menus .
In this much-anticipated book , Nicholas Lander , restaurant critic and author of The Art of the Restaurateur , rejoices in the history , design and evolution of the world ’ s favourite piece of paper : the menu .
Between the reproductions , Lander examines the principles of menu design and layout ; the evolution of wine and cocktail lists ; the menu as a record of the past ; and he even takes readers behind the scenes at Mario Batali ’ s Babbo , to sit in as the staff are briefed on the evening ’ s menu .
All in all , this coffee table - or perhaps , dining table - book will make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who loves eating out , and is fascinated by what Lander calls ( and we agree ) ‘ the world ’ s favourite piece of paper ’.
On The Menu by Nicholas Lander
Published by Unbound ISBN 978-1-78352-242-2