Hospitality Today Aug-Sep 2016 - Page 11 | 11 companies would likely need to navigate Tier 2 of the Points Based System to recruit from the EU. This can quickly become a very expensive exercise. “Under Tier 2, an employer needs a sponsor’s licence which carries a one-off cost of £1,476. For each employee, they also need a Certificate of Sponsorship which carries a fee of £199. The employee needs to apply for their visa but often the employer meets this cost to which currently stands at £575 for entry clearance and £664 fo X]H[XZ[][]H\[\\¸'XH0̋ HUHܚ\XܝZ]Y['BH][]H[\H\HXZ܂[\Y\وUH][ۘ[Έ Hو\˜\H[YHUHܚ\ˈXܙ[HӔ\H\H\[Hݙ\Z[[ۈۋUR][ۘ[BUH[Y\ܚ[[]Z[H^]H\\YH\B[[]Z\Y\[[ZYܘ][ۈ]Y\]\[\\[ܚ\˜ۘ\Y܈Z\]\K]\H[\ۈZ[\&\XYق[[ZYܘ][ۈ[[XHؘ[\œ\ܝYH K L H\H[[HUBZYܘ[[X\H\X[[\Y[K[H[Z[\\H[[]Z\Y\H\[\\[\Z[UBܚ\XHHYۚYX[]\Y\HR^]H]\X[[[ۋؘ[\H[܈XܝZ][™[\YY\Hݙ\X\[ۂ]HXܙ0̋ H8$܈[ܙN'YHR[[ݙ\H\[^[\[ۜ™܈QPH][ۘ[[X\\HBYۘ]ܞHHX]Y\X[[BHYوYH[ݙ[Y[[HUK'H[[ZYܘ][ۈX M[\\[[[ZYܘ][ۈ[\HX\YBH[XY[\[ MˈH[X\]B]\[HYܝ\ H[\܈\[\\]XܝZ]Hݙ\X\^HH\Hو0K ܂͍܈X[\[\܈]\H[\YYB[^H\H܈[HX\[H܈X]B[XZ[^H[\X[H^HB\HXH[HY][YHوB\۸&\X]H[\Y\ '[[HY\H[\H[[YYX]BوZ[ۈ[ݙ\X\ܚ\[ۈHHY\[0 L\[\YYB܈[ܙH ܈0̋ H܈Q\H8$[]\۸&]][ZH[X[HوXܝZ]Y[ Y[Y\[Y[]ܞBYZ[\]]H˸'B