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We also check that scuba diving centres operate in line with rele- vant regulations. And complaints are investigated too.” Last year the Directorate also inspected all hotels. All were li- censed tourism accommodations out of which, 17 were found to be not conforming to requirements. These resulted in ten legal ac- tions. Out of the said 10 against whom action was taken, three were closed down. Official MTA statistics for the first half of 2017 so far show that the Directorate registered just over 500 new Holiday Furnished Premises (HFPs) This means that in seven months, we have reached the total number of new licensed HFPs that we had last year. “This is a most difficult area to enforce since most infringements happen here,” explained Andre. “And we can proudly say that with the gi- gantic effort we all made, knock- ing on doors and cross-checking contacts, the campaign gave very positive results indeed.” Another example of the Directo- rate’s sterling work is that in the area of English language students’ accommodations, 600 licensed host families were visited last year and action had to be taken against over 40 of them. Andre added that “we have also commenced a similar process to identify non-li- censed catering establishments.” offering quality service to visitors and locals alike Official MTA statistics for the first half of 2017 so far show that the Di- rectorate registered just over 500 new Holiday Furnished Premises Conclusion While the word itself may sound somewhat negative, the need for enforcement is a necessary tool that needs to be applied in all spheres of business so that one can reach one’s goals. Perhaps more so in the hospitality industry where one finds people who have varying levels of quality standards that do not always match the official ones implemented by the authorities - so that a high quality product and a better, constant, holistic service can be offered to the customer - visitor and local alike. Yet, as Andre has also clearly shown in this interview, there are also positive improvements which his unit has been able to support and improve without an unneces- sary need to throw fines at people or take them to court. That is the last thing the Enforcement Direc- torate wishes to do. And they are prepared to collaborate to help anyone who wishes to come in line with regulations in the smoothest possible way. HOSPITALITY MALTA SEPTEMBER | 2017 67