Hospitality Malta 02 - Page 62

Expectations and Perceptions “We want hotels that really reflect their official classification. We expect that the standards reached not only meet the legal require- ments but, where possible, exceed them. If, for example, a tourist is booking accommodation in a 4-star hotel, then he is coming with a set of expectations His actu- al experience should match these expectations and at a minimum be of a 4-star level. Some 3 star hotels are giving 5 star services. They are indeed being rat- ed at the very top. And the Directo- rate is always delighted to note that we are increasingly seeing how many go out of their way to ensure that they garner customer loyalty,” he added. “We cannot assess quality. It is the guest who does that. Perhaps the time will come when classification will be linked to customer’s rankings as they do on the influential travel websites such as Review Pro, and TripAdvisor.” Andre explained about an in- teresting academic study called Servqual which compares hotel cli- ents’ expectations to perceptions, and said that through it one can clearly see when a hotel is meeting the client’s expectations or not. Even little things such as matters of staff groomi \\[KBY[ܝZ][Z[[]X[]H\\Y[\[[X][HHY\8&\\]]KH^X]H[ B\]\H\\[܈HY[؛Y][ۜ˜\]ܜYܜۛYHۂ]HY \ܝ[][Yܛ[]H][\ B[[]\\]HYH[H\]X][ۈ]XZH\B][X[ \[\[وH\BY\&\\\Y[و]X[]K\][ܚ[X[]O“]8&\^H[H\\\B\\HڙX [\\ܝق[[HHUx&\X][Y[\Xܘ]H܈KB[[YZ[\][ۈ[] \H\HX^HK\H[H[BY\Yو[[\\]Z\[Y[˜[و[H[[H[]HH[][]]ܚ]Y\˂H[ܘ[Y[\Xܘ]B\\[Y\\\\HZKB\ۈY[\X[B\][ۈوH\\H\XB\Y[ [܈\Z[HKB[KH[ܘ[Y[\XBܘ]H[XH[Z\\™[\H]\\\X[]Hܚ]\XH\]Z\YH]˂'[Y[ۙH[[HY\\K\]\[܈]TSPT M’USUHPS