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Scottish-born international hotelier Gordon Campbell Gray serves as Chairman and Director of Campbell Gray Hotels Ltd. He is also Vice President of "Save the Children". In 2016, “The Caterer” described him as “…a man of contra- dictions: the luxury hotelier with a passionate green agenda; an art-lover and taste-maker who abhors needless excess.” And we found out that in London he still drives a 43 year old immaculately kept pea green Fiat 127! we’ve had. So by ‘market leader’ we mean that we see ourselves being the best that we can be,” he said. “You have to believe in the 100%. If it feels good – go for it. Or vice versa, if it doesn’t feel good don’t do it.” He continued that they wanted The Phoenicia to be seen as more than a great hotel in Malta. “We want to be seen as a great hotel in the Mediterranean. A great hotel of the world.” A key question Gordon always asks his hotels when he visits them is whether everybody is happy. “A positive response makes me happy too, irrespective of what a bottom line figure for that par- ticular time might suggest.” He understands too that there is, of course, an element of needing to 52 SEPTEMBER | 2017 be flexible in one’s rates such that they reflect the present moment… “world crises can do that for you and you should also think of the consequences of being overpriced by being in a particular situation” he adds, continuing that “One needs controlled flexibility. The hotel has been built to last – not to be sold in ten years - and that’s a long, future process.” The ‘Phoenicia Experience’ Charles Azzopardi then added that “now that we nestle under the wings of Campbell Gray manage- ment, we have also been named as one of The Leading Hotels of the World, which is quite an achievement in- deed; something which is benefi- cial to the whole image of tourism in Malta.” One of the major pluses The Phoenicia has always owned is what is known in the business as “the Phoenicia Ex- perience”. “A lot of effort has gone into creating that. And the kitch- en plays an important part here indeed,” Charles enthuses. In the renovation, the management has now also overhauled this important area to contribute to the charac- ter which sets the hotel apart, and hence to the overall experience. HOSPITALITY MALTA