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The Phoenicia; grande dame of Malta’s hotels It would seem to many of us that The Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana has been there forever. It has been a figurehead in Malta’s tourism drives from the early Twentieth century right into the Twenty-first. Now the grand old lady of Malta’s hoteliering has had a total wardrobe makeover over 16 months …. and after a staggering investment in the renovation she’s looking better than ever! Hospitality Malta spoke to Gordon Campbell-Gray and Charles Azzopardi, The Phoenicia’s intern ational management chairman and her general manager respectively, to see how their synergy couples with this significant investment to bring out a unique new Phoenicia - not only the grande dame of Malta’s hotels but now a truly modern and prestigious hotel that uniquely provides a luscious snippet of our Islands and their history to its gobsmacked guests. words by Jason Attard “T here will always be a place for a grand hotel but not for a stuffy hotel,” is how Gordon Campell Grey started off our time together. “To be honest, I’ve always wanted to restore a grand hotel, but not to make it feel merely prestigious - but to make it feel as The Phoenicia actually does right now,” he con- fessed. HOSPITALITY MALTA Gordon explained that Campbell Gray hotels’ mission statement highlights that it intends to al- ways be the market leader. When I pressed Gordon to detail, I in- ferred that Campell Grey’s state- ment referred to both the man- agement company’s own values and objectives as well as to those of the hotels in which it becomes involved. “In The Phoenicia’s case, this has been particularly pleas- ing, seeing as how close our mu- tual core values are. “I don’t want to be the busiest hotel on the Is- land either. While I do want us to be highly successful, I am more obsessed with the detailing at the top, the kind of quality that we do; everything that makes a cli- ent happy. And once we have all the ingredients in place, the right staffing, the right pricing, the quality service - as we do - then the bottom line will automatically come too. That is the experience SEPTEMBER | 2017 51