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and they are satisfied with the fact that they do not have to enjoy the adventure of parking in the Mal- tese capital!” jokes Mr Fenech. And the zone outside the MCC’s front entrance allows for the con- tainment of large transportation and for safe alighting therefrom. Another very important char- acteristic is that delegates are a one-minute walk away from the heart of Valletta; they can en- joy the atmosphere of the capital during their lunch breaks or af- ter-conference dinner. “If clients want to surprise their delegates, by taking them to a his- torical building, rather than to any other modern one that can be eas- ily replicated anywhere else in the world, you need to have the “wow” effect that Valletta can truly offer and they would therefore definite- ly choose the MCC,” he explained pointing out too that they have the largest indoor stage in Malta which is ideal for large set-ups. “In fact the stage has a very high load bearing and is very versatile such that it can also accommodate anything from car launches to bal- let presentations” he explained. It is very obvious that the MCC al- lows any creative mind to let his or her imagination run wild know- ing they can supply anything and everything they may need! Mr Fenech added that they could not take all the conference busi- 28 SEPTEMBER | 2017 ness either - “We too have our limitations” - continuing that “even though St Julian’s is one of the most famous and populated areas, no one can compare it to Valletta especially when it comes to the charm that the Maltese cap- ital has, the manners in which it besots its visitors. In fact, once the new road connections in Kappara will be finalised, delegates could enjoy staying in St Julian’s and do everything work-related in Vallet- ta,” he added. The opening of the Kappara project will further facil- itate the movement of people be- tween these two hospitality centres. Mr Fenech does not see St Julian’s as a ‘competitor’, but rather “as a complementary solution, and to be honest, I would say that the ar- eas need each other.” What does the future hold? Expansion is definitely on the boards and this is possible since most are unaware that about a third of the premises is not yet accessible by the public. Thanks to a Eur5 million grant from the Europe- an Regional Development Fund, the development of this so far unutilised portion of the build- ing is going to be managed, with the whole potential of the Centre being unleashed as never before. As a result, this would benefit the public and conference business with the opening of two new inside Delegates are a one-minute walk away from the heart of Valletta, so they can enjoy the atmosphere of the capital during their lunch breaks or after-con- ference dinner HOSPITALITY MALTA