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Flexibility and availability “From audio-visuals and sound systems to fully air conditioned halls, the MCC is constantly being updated and kept abreast of developments” clients know how well the place allows itself to the required ver- satility of modern conferences, all achieved by the many different halls that offer even more oppor- tunities”. Despite the fact that the Mediter- ranean Conference Centre is itself such a historic building, the man- agement and staff are taking full advantage of the new technologies that are offered to the consumer. From audio-visuals and sound systems to fully air conditioned halls, the MCC is constantly be- ing updated and kept abreast of developments to make sure that all clients’ needs and expectations are met to the full. Mr Fenech underlined that “the satisfaction and the comfort of the 26 SEPTEMBER | 2017 national and international visitors is of utmost importance to us”. Furthermore, he added, that the building will soon be able to ca- ter for twice the normal electrical consumption that an event organ- izer usually asks for. The relative tenders have been issued and should soon be de- cided. Many more updates are being implemented which will continue to make the develop- ment of the centre as an ongoing process. Thousands of Euro have been spent already in upgrading the air-conditioning throughout the building, and more is still to come. “The capacity of the MCC will increase indeed to serve a big- ger and better purpose and we will continue to surprise with our ex- tended capabilities,” he remarked. Pierre Fenech also commented that “an issue that is commonly encounter by the customers of the conferences industry is that May and June events are often planned en plein aire within conference cen- tres which do not have proper indoor facilities, and unplanned weather changes occur quite often. The MCC is the only building which has the capacity to fit such a large group of people of, say, more than a thousand, and we are often asked to intermediate and provide our conference services with hardly any forewarning. In such cases, we must react fast, organise and redecorate the hall to be used; in order to perfectly accommodate these clients, and meet and surpass their expecta- tions, so that everyone is satisfied with the result.” The beauty of its location The beauty of being located with- in Valletta must however be nur- tured. Being naturally aware of the difficulties one can encounter in parking close to the property- within Valletta’s typically narrow streets, the MCC has introduced shuttle services for visitors which give them the comfort of parking in Valletta’s outskirts and being transported directly to the Centre. “This is an option that is mainly used by our international groups HOSPITALITY MALTA