Hospitality Malta 02 - Page 22

Our local saying “kull deni hudu b’gid”* has truly hit home at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. Undeterred by the complete gutting of the entire building in 1987, this marvellous bit of unique history has not only been reconstructed whilst abiding by the world’s most stringent historical quality restoration standards. It has been tweaked in all its intimate details to better serve the world’s highest conference expectations. This is perhaps what makes the MCC so unique across the globe – a historical gem has been coupled with the very latest technology. Pierre Fenech, the Chief Executive Officer of Malta’s Mediterranean Conference Centre (known colloquially as the MCC), shares with Hospitality Malta those core competences and unique differentiating factors which encompass the MCC and which are the prime instigators of its international success. * roughly translated to mean “take all bad happenings positively”