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Joshua Zammit is, in fact, an in- dustrial psychologist, who has ex- tensive experience in a variety of business spheres including phar- maceutical, IT, strategy, consul- tancy and aviation. Prior to taking on this position he held C-level positions in various other com- panies. And James Barbara is the man behind the whole concept of the group; whose ‘soul’ has been woven into the very founding stone of the factory and indeed, into the holding group itself. “It is exciting to see how someone who has been through hell and heaven to get where he is today is, nonetheless, still able to sit down around the table and listen at- tentively to a relative outsider like myself who might unintentionally be criticising all his years of hard work,” says Joshua. “I have huge re- spect for James who today is one of my best friends not just my boss.” It is interesting to note that both are only children in their re- spective families and also are both strong willed achievers. The chemistry seems to be working; the outsider and the founder, be- ing able to find common ground to reach higher goals. Psychologists refer to this as the only-child syndrome, and in the 1970’s, Toni Falbo, a psycholo- gy professor at the University of Texas, concluded that only-chil- dren were highly motivated and HOSPITALITY MALTA personally adjusted and that a teenage only-child typically de- velops an early sense of respon- sibility and independence. This leads to a self-confidence which garners success. Could this be the real driving force – the inherent psychology - behind the success of the Group after all? Or is it the mutual need each one has for what the other brings to the management table that spells itself out into their suc- cess? Or, yet again, is it the corpo- rate mission statement that drives them forward constantly, ”to be the best in everything that we do”? We allow Joshua to have the last say: “Since we are always commit- ted to provide quality at a given but supreme ope rational efficien- cy, it is important for all of us, the 2,000+ staff included, to know that it’s all about what this place can do, where we started, what we can do individually, where we are all going together. So perhaps the team element that has been instilled is the fundamental core ingredient here. From it stem our beliefs in producing the best qual- ity, having the best people, having loyal customers. We are grateful to every single person who buys our products and services. And we don’t take for granted the fact that if someone bought our products today, they will automatically buy them again tomorrow - we have to keep gaining their trust every day”. SEPTEMBER | 2017 19