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“trust has to be earned every day” The Factory has two kitchens – one for healthcare catering, (pro- ducing menus based upon people’s health needs), and the second one which is focused on producing amazing food for events and other company products. There is also a pastry section within the premises, which has the impressive production ca- pability of 400 to 450 cakes per hour. A butchery, and a high-volume manufacturing di- vision are also entities which op- erate within The Food Factory’s walls. Additionally, the company has its own industrial laboratory and R&D (Research and Develop- ment) department that constantly seek further improvement, ex- amine the dynamic environment and the ways in which it influenc- es demand. “Something we are particularly proud of and excited about,” says Joshua, “is our R&D, a development kitchen and devel- opment area which when they be- come operational will be the life- blood of this organisation.” In addition, Joshua also described another major investment they have made which is rather unique to the Maltese islands. This is the 18 SEPTEMBER | 2017 gluten free factory that specialises in meeting the demands for health products that enable people with specific food intolerances to enjoy a risk-free lifestyle without having to miss out on goodness. “We are very proud of this as there’s noth- ing like it on the Island,” he com- ments. This part of the factory is completely separated from the rest of the organisation and has its own entrance as well. “In this way we ensure that the gluten free food we produce is not contaminated in any way with the other products.” The Food Factory: a combined synergy of individual clusters operating under a unified infrastructure; which successfully promulgate social responsibility, quality of food, high operational efficiency, and optimum value for money. Within The Food Factory con- cept there is also a school aimed at providing a platform for young people who are willing to enter the industry either to work in one of the specialised areas or as entre- preneurs who may have the next great idea in the industry. “This is a very important aspect of the concept of The Food Factory and also one of the pillars in our CSR strategy”, explains Joshua. Synergies It became pretty clear from an early stage in our discussion that there are some pretty exciting and unusual synergies going on in the background of the way business is conceived and created within this Group. Synergies that have brought James and Joshua togeth- er to create even further synergies. So what makes them so unique? HOSPITALITY MALTA