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solu on L Smart Technologies for Hospitality! professional hospitality solu ons outdoor hea ng systems - indoor hea ng systems outdoor cooling systems - wireless charging systems professional wifi systems call us: +356 7799 1380 Professional outdoor- and indoor infrared hea ng systems email: service@hea see our website: www.hea Our top model for all weather conditions: Burda Germany TERM 2000 BLUETOOTH APP & REMOTE City Lounge Valle a Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ app control via smartphone or tablet remote control included integrated switch for manual opera on power: 2000 Wa (2 units/hour) for up to 14 sqm ultra Low Glare IP67 fully water proof saves up to 80 % energy compared to a gas heater Frescos Sliema Our engineers and qualified electricians plan and install all our products for you! Professional WiFi systems service@solu www.solu WiFipro hea ng malta a division of solution-l ltd email: service@solu see our website: www.solu WiFi design, planing and installa on To provide your business with the op mal bandwidth, WiFi systems need to cover the en re loca on with a strong signal. This requires an exact placement of access points. Therefor a site survey with our Ekahau heatmapping and simula on system is the basis for every WIFI project. All our wifi engineers are trained in Germany by our partner Company Soxsis, which is a German market leader for Wifi planing and installa ons in hotels, restaurants, stadiums, large companies and public areas. We also supply you with the right internet cable and fiber access together with our partner Melita Business