Hospitality Malta 02 - Page 11

incentives for investment in tourism projects offered by national governments as well as the availability of local sustain- able capital for the financing of large projects. The first goal is to find ways to operate the hotel according to the idea of a “triple bottom line,” which embodies profitable operation combined with attention to the people who use and work in the hotel and a focus on care- ful stewardship of resources. “The essence of transformation is in the evolution from a product-focused approach to a more customer–focused and brand intensive one” While that goal is important, even more vital is the usage of a hotel’s position as an industry leader in the nation’s capital, and this evidences to the hotel industry, customers, and ven- dors that sustainable operation is the best strategy to ensure successful hotel operation. But the sustainability initi- ative goes beyond such well- known ideas as reusing guest linen, recycling waste mate- rial, and changing to com- pact fluorescent lamps. The hospitality industry is in the midst of a transforma- tion that will affect virtually every facet of the industry as well as that of its stakehold- ers. The essence of transformation is in the evo- lution from a product-focused approach to a more customer–focused and brand intensive one. A product – fo 7W6VB7G&FVw2RvW&V&BЧV7G2B7W'Fr6W'f6W2&RFWfVVB&V@7W7FW'>( 7GVFVBvG2BVVG2BFV&G05DĕEDFW6R&GV7G2F7W7FW'0f6W2&WFrBF2ЧG&'WF6V2gWGW&RFR&VFFv&R7W2ЧFW"f7W6VBFWfVv6G&66VG2FR66âBvV672FRVF@76v6VVG2BvG0b&V66VǒFVfVB6WB`F&vWB7W7FW'27FƒЧG&v6F6VBFVW6PF26vBF&WBvFW '&b&GV7G2B6W'f6W0F&Vv7G&r'&BW0FW6vVBFv&W"ƖfRp7W7FW"GF2vfRG&F2VffV7BpW&F2v&R'VआFV2bFRVFFRgRЧGW&RvVFV'FVFǒ6VR"G&6f&FFWvVFW"&R&vR6Vn( 66ЧFVB6VFW2"6&WFVRFV2B2WV7BЦVBFBF6RFR֖B&vPv&R'6&&VB''&FV@FV63&W6'G2v&PvVB'&VW7FFR6ЦW2FBv6&RЧFVB6V"vVVBFV6wvW@"'B&W6W'fF26V6֖2&ƖrBwVW7@7F&W2&vRfW7FVG0vvFWN( 6n( 7v&ЦW'FW27V6276RFV2FV2vvw&VV@vv&r7W7F&RFW&6&fW76ЦƗ6v&RWfFVBFRw&wFbFr@fBFV6wv&W7BFƖfW7GW2w7@FW"66FW&F2FW6Rf7F'2w7@FW'2&RvB7FƗGF2F&V7B4UDT$U"#p