S o winter is here and your normal outdoor routine is shelved. It is cold and there is snow and you’re just not crazy about it. There are many of us crazy folks that LOVE winter. It is quiet, it is pretty and with the proper gear, you can stay warm and cozy!  Don’t have a snowmobile? No problem. You skied once as a kid and had a bad experience? Not to worry. You can’t afford expensive gear right now? Gotcha covered! Here are f ive really fun and, excuse the pun, cool things to do in Gaylord this winter. We would love to see you! 1. Snowshoeing Let me just say that snowshoeing is a blast. You never need a groomed trail, you can go with 6 inches of snow on the ground or 60 inches of snow on the ground – snowshoes work the same. All you need are some public or private trails, a pair of boots, a hat, gloves and snowshoes. Poles are optional. I have a pair of snowshoes that are 20-years-old and work just as well now as they did then. Snowshoes don’t go out of style, except for maybe bindings, but the technology is the same. You walk on the snow. You get a great workout and you can literally go anywhere. Once you start moving, you warm right up. Most novices actually overdress. With no leaves on the trees, you see vistas, valleys and streams that you would never see other times of the year, which is just cool.    2. Take a Downhill Ski Lesson Most non-skiers have tried downhill skiing and had a bad experience or just gotten out of it. Well, take a lesson. Both Otsego Resort and Treetops Resort have rental equipment and experienced, fun ski instructors. This is a great activity to do with a friend or two or your children. Usually, within a few hours, the instructor will have you stopping comfortably, making gentle turns and safely getting on and off the chairlift. As a long time skier, knowing the basics is worth the price of a lesson in enjoyment. Equipment has come a long way since I was a kid (hint – think 1970). It is more comfortable, warmer and carved skis literally turn themselves. PHOTO COURTESY OF GAYLORD TOURISM BUREAU