HOPE'S BIT BLOG - All about horse bits! Hope's Bit Blog - Issue 2

The  Real  Deal  About   Bitting  Your  Horse A HORSE’S MOUTH CAN BE A MYSTERIOUS PLACE HOPE  BIRSH  – MARYLAND  SADDLERY HAVE YOU OPENED YOUR HORSES MOUTH LATELY? When customers come into the Maryland Saddlery, much discussion revolves around equipment and bit choices that we are making for their horse’s level of training. I always begin the bitting discussion by asking about the health of their horse's mouth. To many owners, a horse’s mouth is a mysterious place. Many owners never open their horse’s mouth other than to put on a bridle. "If I open his mouth up, I just might get bitten!" Hopefully, you are having your horse’s teeth checked by qualified horse dentist at least once and preferably twice a year. Having a horse’s teeth floated or filed may solve many problems such as weight loss, head tossing and resistance to the bit. Painful dental problems can easily distract a horse from achieving your training goals as easily as a tooth ache can distract you. marylandsaddlery.com