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The word faithful is defined as “characterized by steadfast affection or allegiance to someone or something.” Faithful. There is no truer word that describes the character and work of our God. He is faithful! The word faithful is defined as “characterized by steadfast affection or allegiance to someone or something.” As followers of Jesus, we experience this steadfast devotion of our Father. We experience this faithfulness individually as beloved children. We also experience it together as a family of faith. He always does what He says He’s going to do. Early on in my journey in Las Vegas, God spoke to me through this verse of Scripture in 1 Thessalonians. He very clearly called my family to this city to join in His activity. But He reminded me that He is not just faithful in the calling. He is faithful in the “bringing to pass.” He is forever faithful! The report you are reading is a testimony to the faithfulness of God in 2018. In it, you will find different figures and statistics that describe God’s faithfulness demonstrated through His activity in and through Hope Church. As you read through this information, I pray that you will be encouraged to thank Him for calling us to share His activity, and for His faithfulness to bring it to pass through us! As your pastor, I am humbled and honored by the privilege of leading this dynamic community into experiencing God’s faithfulness now and in the days, weeks, months and years to come. I am praying right now that as you read this report of His faithfulness, you will do three things. First, be encouraged at how our God is using the time, talent, and treasure that you invest through Hope Church to further His kingdom in Las Vegas, the West, and the world! He is doing amazing things locally and globally through us that can only be explained by His faithfulness. Second, thank God for His abundant activity in and through our church. And third, ask God to continue to demonstrate His faithfulness to us for His glory! Remember, as we continue to seek Him, the greatest days for Hope Church are ahead! 1 2 3 The Joy is in the Journey, Pastor Vance Pitman 5 hopechurchlv.com