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So how do you deepen these three relationships and grow as a follower of Jesus? The answer is the same way you deepen any relationship – TIME. There are four ways that a Jesus follower can invest their time in order to deepen their relationship with God, other believers, and the world (people who do not know God at all). As a simple path to show the way, we have identified a starting point that we call “The 5% Life”. GOD TIME GATHER TIME Time spent daily alone in fellowship with God. Time spent weekly gathering in worship with my church. GROUP TIME GO TIME Time spent consistently in community with a small group from my church. Time spent annually going on mission locally and globally. We believe that if you embrace “The 5% Life” as a starting point, the other 95% of your life will be changed forever as you abide in Christ, connect in community, and share in the mission. WHAT IS THE 5% LIFE? 1% of your day (15 minutes) in God Time daily. 1% of your week (1.5 hours) in Gather Time weekly. 1% of your month (7 hours) in Group Time consistently. 2% of your year (7 days) in Go Time annually. 3 hopechurchlv.com