Hope Church - 2018 Annual Report 190102 2018 Annual Report (web) - Page 22

How does God fuel His mission? In 2018, as a church family, we discovered clearly from the Bible four phrases that reveal how God fuels His mission – From the Lord, To His People, Through the Church, For the World. That four-part teaching series was a fresh opportunity for our fellowship to seek the Lord regarding this question: What’s my part in fueling God’s mission? God graciously allowed us to experience a great year of global impact, and His mission was fueled by His people living generously through His church! If you would like to learn more about this teaching series, please visit ThroughTheChurch.com This Annual Report reflects many of the ways that Hope Church joined in God’s activity in 2018. To all those who chose to fuel God’s mission through Hope Church by giving financially, thank you! As you see within this report, your generosity is making a difference! Thank you for believing in and investing in our mission of connecting people to live the life of a Jesus follower! 22 hopechurchlv.com