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To make matters worse, the bVPN doesn’t address the most important problem in the buffalo industry- the lack of capacity and resources available at local state veterinarian level. The Wildlife Group of the South African Veterinary Association (WG) also submitted detailed recommendations on the draft bVPN, but to no avail. Thanks to Dr Faffa Malan, the WG was introduced to the National Animal Health Forum (NAHF click for link) and was impressed by their ability to work alongside DAFF, and in early 2017 Stu was elected to represent the wildlife veterinarians as a liaison with the NAHF. The reality is that the control of CA or bTB is not just a buffalo problem, and efforts in the wildlife industry must dovetail with a national strategy. Likewise, the struggling state veterinary services is a burden for both wildlife and livestock producers alike. and it hopefully enabled a paradigm shift for the private sector. Much frustration was vented due to the historic lack of progress, but failure to resolve deficiencies in the bVPN probably stem from a controversial meeting with DAFF, the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute and buffalo owners last year when the bVPN was still in draft. With many issues on the table, there was notably consensus to establish the Buffalo Controlled Disease Committee (bCDC), a NAHF managed platform for stakeholders to engage with DAFF on buffalo regulatory matters. Already, the bCDC has met with the Director of Animal Health, Dr Mpho Maja, and head of Disease Control, Dr Cornelia Gerstenberg. There are tough issues to dissect at these meetings, but it’s amazing how much can be achieved when a core representative group of people treat each other with mutual respect and focus on positive attainable outcomes. Recognising the broad range of challenges facing the South African rural economy, the NAHF under the chairmanship of Dr Pieter Vervoort, promote animal health and sustainable livestock agriculture through the collaboration between the private sector and DAFF. The next bCDC meeting is scheduled for 20 September 2017. Two items are of priority: On 7 September 2017 at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, a very productive meeting hosted by the NAHF brought together representatives of the WG, the Faculty, DAFF and a number of buffalo owners representing WRSA, Buffalo Owners Association and other independents. o we’ll also start working through the buffalo VPN line-by-line. Dr Pieter Vervoort has a solution-based approach o a proposal to authorize private veterinarians to assist local state veterinarians with their functions, and There is a lot of work to do, but by establishing trust and jettisoning egos at the door, there is no reason why buffalo disease control and national animal health cannot both be improved for the sake of the rural economy Customised veterinary medicines to effectively address your patient’s requirements Service Centre: 0860 109 779 or pharmacist@v-tech.co.za ISO 9001:2015 Accredited 2017 September 21