Hooo-Hooo Volume 11 Nr 2 - Page 15

• • • • • take the necessary measurements and collect external parasites. Approximately 2-3ml of venous blood can be taken into a syringe using the ventral caudal vein with pangolin lying on its back. The blood is divided equally into serum and EDTA tubes. Clinical pathology: General Health profile and haematology. The remaining blood samples to be submitted to Biobank, and blood smear Any treatments of wounds or fluid replacement therapy must be administered while the pangolin is anaesthetised. Radiographs should also be taken while the animal is under anaesthesia to eliminate stress of handling and ease of positioning. Microchip will be inserted on the outer aspect of the right thigh. • • After the animal has been examined or treated by the veterinarian, all data and procedure/s must be recorded in the medical database by the veterinarian/nurses. If the animal is later admitted to the Hospital then further examinations, treatments and procedures will be recorded on the Hospital Form and entered into the medical database by the veterinarian/nurse. Hospital Cases If deemed necessary by the attending veterinarian, the pangolin may be kept in hospital for a short period till it is fit enough to be sent for release, otherwise the pangolin can be sent for immediate release to minimise the stress on the animal while in captivity. 2017 September 15