Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, nr 4 - Page 6

WildLife Group 5. 6. 7. of the SAVA thereof, must be provided by the applicant. In addition to this information, the applicant must submit a photograph of good quality, for easy identification, of each horn. Before a possession permit is issued by the issuing authority, an official of the issuing authority must conduct an inspection of the horn and verify the information supplied by the applicant. An official of the issuing authority must microchip the rhinoceros horn contemplated in subparagraphs (3) or (4). The official must also mark the rhinoceros horn with indelible ink or by means of punch die, using the formula: ZA/ serial number/year/weight, if the rhinoceros horn or part thereof is five cm or more in length. The owner of the rhinoceros horn is responsible for the costs incurred by the issuing authority to purchase the micro-chips. The provincial issuing authorities must keep the above information on the TRAFFIC database and any changes resulting from, among others, translocation, export from a province, natural mortalities, or hunting must be reflected on such database. The Department must consolidate the information kept by the provincial issuing authorities, on the national TRAFFIC database. 3. Management of the hunting of rhinoceroses 1. 2. 6 Trade in individual rhinoceros horns and any derivates or products of the horns are prohibited in terms of a national moratorium which has been published under Government Notice No. 148 in Gazette No. 31899 of 13 February 2009. If horns are exported as a personal hunting trophy, they may only be exported if accompanied by the necessary export permits relating to threatened or protected species and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, issued in terms of Chapter 7 of the Act. All rhinoceros hunts must be strictly controlled by means of an individual hunting permit issued by the issuing authority in terms of the Act, in the name of the hunting client, to ensure that all rhinoceros horns can be traced to the property where the hunt took place. The hunting of 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. rhinoceros may therefore not be authorized in terms of a game farm hunting permit. In addition to the application for a hunting permit, the following supporting information with regards to the hunting client must be submitted to the issuing authority: • proof of membership of a hunting association in the country of usual residence of the hunting client. The hunting association must be recognised by the government of the country of residence of the hunting client; or • a curriculum vitae, indicating his/her hunting experience in his/her country of usual residence; or • proof of previous experience in the hunting of any African species; and • a copy of the hunting client’s passport. All applications for the hunting of rhinoceros received by the issuing authorities must be referred to Department for recommendation within the time frame as prescribed in the Threatened or Protected Species Regulations, 2007, published under Government Notice No. R.152 in Gazette No. 29657 of 23 February 2007. This will enable the Department to compile a database for h չѥ́ɔѡ)չѥЁ́ЁչЁɔѡ)ɡɽ́ѡչݥѡȵѠ)ɥ)]եѡչѥɵаѡե)ѡɥ䁵Ёͥȁݡѡȁѡչ)ՅɕͥѡչѥЁݡɔ)ѡɡɽ́ɹ́ѡɕЁѡչѥ)ɽݥѕѼ́Յє)ͱѥѼɔѡЁѡɡɽ́ɹ)ѡɕЁѡչѥɽݥ͕)ȁѡ͔́ѕѡ %QL)ɵи)չѥЁ䁡չЁ䁽ݡє)ɡɽ́ȁɽ͕́ݥѡ(ȵѠɥ)QɵЁѡɥͥѡչЁЁͥ)ѡչѥЁɔЁ)ѡչи)Iɽ́չ́Ёхѡɕ͕)ѡեѡɥݡ)ѡɥ͕%ѕɵ͕́مѥͱѥѼ((