Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, nr 4 - Page 3

Letter from the chairman Dear Colleagues, We once again have an interesting and educational edition, which has a rhinoceros focus. We cover dehorning, genetic bio-banking, blue green algal toxicity and a bit of nutrition. A big thanks again to Katja and the contributors Kobus du Toit, Cindy Harper, Rick Last and Peter Rogers. Please submit a contribution for all our members to enjoy, remember you get paid R 1500 per article. We are still in discussions with the MCC and other regulatory bodies about the lack of immobilization drugs. We need to get input from you the members on when you had shortages over the last 5 years and what drugs you suffered shortages from. I know this maybe a big ask to get the information. But we need it to convince the MCC of our problem. I will send out a separate email asking for input. Please ask someone in your practice to take some time to compile the feedback or take an hour to do it yourself, it will end up being beneficial to you and your practice. Committee members are representing our group at two workshops this month with the SAVC: a review of the disciplinary process and rules pertaining to veterinary medicines. We are also have a SAVA Federal Committee meeting where all the branches give feedback. The conference for next year is coming along well. We are looking to hold pre-conference workshops. If you have a request for a workshop that you feel will be beneficial to you please email us e.g. PM refresher or reproduction soundness. Enjoy the spring and hopefully we see some rains soon. Greg 2016 SEPTEMBER 3