Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, nr 4 - Page 19

Annexure PROTECTED AREA: PAGE: 1 PICKED UP IN THE FIELD (Information from Section Rangers) Entry No. 1 Item Type (Tick) Locality Located By Handed To I/V No. (Grid Ref/GPS) Date to Section Signature (Receiver) Cause of Death (Code) Anterior Posterior Unknown Shavings … Notes: • Entry number usually relates to the finding of a pair of horns (i.e. an animal) • If two pieces of horn are founds of unknown (u/k) item type are found, two entry numbers are used. • Code of cause of death from Rhino Management Group and list printed out and stuck to inside back and front cover. • Back of register used for ivory - item column will reflect left, right, unknown. • Mortality reference number from numbered mortality record form. PAGE: 2 Species Black/White/U/K Photo Reference # Photographed (Y/N) State Legal /Illegal Circumference (mm) Length (outer) (mm) Length (inner) (mm) Weight (kg) Nearest 100g Microchip No. Tag No. Signature (Receiver) Date I/V No. Handed To Section Name SECTION TO RESERVE HQ (Information from Officer-in-Charge) Notes: • Tag number will have as a prefix, the Biodiversity Reserve Reference Code or U if unknown (recovered outside Reserve) • Tag number will have as a suffix, the Code B (Black) W (White) U (Unknown) indicating the species. • I/V: Inventory Voucher Reference Number. • Tag No: plastic tag attached to horn. 2016 SEPTEMBER 19