Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, nr 4 - Page 18

WildLife Group of the SAVA Only use Trovan micro-chips. • Micro-chips are purchased and issued centrally, a Central Data Base records where the chips issued and applied. • Only use approved micro-chip scanner, care must be taken to secure these scanners as they can be used for illicit purposes. Horn tips, and horns recovered by game capture • Rhinoceros horn tips removed during game capture operations must be collected, labelled and stored in the same manner as prescribed for rhinoceros shavings. • Game capture unit must maintain their own records. • Rhinoceros horns dislodged during game capture, and whilst the animal is still in the protected area, must be returned to the Conservation Manager. • Rhinoceros horns dislodged whilst in transit must be collected, labelled and stored as described in this operating procedure, unless the rhinoceros was purchased. In this case the horn is issued to the owner. Horns used in exhibits • Horns recovered/confiscated as a result of a law enforcement intervention must be entered into the relevant SAPS register as an exhibit. In some instances the horns are issued to the state (relevant protected area or investigating officer) for safe keeping. Therefore two situations may result, namely: • Horns retained by the SAPS: upon completion of the court case the horns may be issued to the state. These horns must be entered into the register following the procedures described in this SOP. They must be clearly identified as illegal in the register. • Horns issued to EKZNW for safe keeping: these horns must be stored separately and clearly marked/labelled (placed in a cardboard box with the relevant information attached). They must not be tampered with in anyway. The same procedure will apply once the court case is concluded. 18 Minimum equipment requirements • The equipment listed below is the minimum required to affect the standard operating procedures for the management of rhinoceros horn. • Suitable strong room • Rhinoceros register • Inventory Voucher Book • Scale (weigh to the nearest 100 gram) • Tape measure (sewing type) • Digital camera and blank CD’s for digital photo’s • Microchips, scanner and transponder applicator • Tags (black rhinoceros/white rhinoceros and unknown) • Wire/cable ties and seals to attach tags • Cordless drill • Sealable containers and labels for horn shavings • Internal and external label to include to following details: • Tag • Micro-chip • Register entry date • Scene of Crime grab kit • Permanent marker pen • Wood glue • Diatomaceous earth Auditing – auditing of the stock pile must be undertaken by line management on a bi-annual basis. The need for this audit must be factored into the goal setting process. Audits may be undertaken independently by internal and external auditors.