Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, nr 4 - Page 11

costs. The kits are packed by the VGL. Thousands of these kits have been produced and distributed since January 2011 to investigators from the provinces and SANParks, private owners, farm managers, police officers and veterinarians in South Africa as well as many other African rhinoceros range states. The RhODIS™ database has grown to include over 5000 animals from South African black and white rhinoceroses from the national parks, provincial parks and private sector as well as rhinoceroses from Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya and continues to grow. The database also includes samples from rhinoceros horn stockpiles. The RhODIS™ database has been used as a forensic tool to support investigation of several poaching incidents in the Kruger National Park and other provincial parks and on private land. These investigations are ongoing. Another aim of RhODIS™ is to train the local environmental management inspectorate (EMI), rangers, veterinarians, police investigators, members of the Department of Environmental Affairs, prosecutors and magistrates on the system of DNA testing of wildlife and rhinoceros specifically, the crime scene investigation process, the prosecution of wildlife crime and general information on the rhinoceros and its value to the African continent. This training has extended to the training members of the Kenyan Wildlife Service to perform routine sampling and handle poaching incidents in Kenya as part of the capacity building project. Thus far EMI’s, police officers and other people representing most provinces in South Africa that are involved in rhinoceros cas \[H[\[و[\š]HY[Z[Y[]\[\\[[BܝY\][ۘ[\ۙ\\ܝ [[\ؙ\“][ۘ[\ܝ\ݚ[KX\\\K^[KS][[^[[ [ܛX]]H[[\[][ۜ]\ܚXHHT(ڙX[\\وHZ[\[۝^[\\YYH]\][YX]X[\][ۈB[\[][ۋ[ܛH\وHڙX[[\ܙ[^][ۜ]HY[Y\Y\\و\[]X]]KT(\و]H\X]H[^\\B^\][YXHX[X[YH\[YB\]YH\[\X]YX\]Y\ˈYXH\BۛH۝[[ۈXYYY][H[\]H[]\H\ۜX[]HوYXx&\]^[[\H]\H[[X[[XZ[H\وH]\[[\B܈]\H[\][ۜ[X[HHBۜ]YوܙZYۈ[[ZY\ˈH[\\˜XYHH[Xو\YKHY\XY\]]\[[[ۘ[\ܝ[[\]HH[]X[]] ]]ZY][ H[HX[]\XYHHؚXو[]XXH[X[ܙYY[ܝY[KXX[Hܛ][]Y]][ۘ[][Z[[Z[\[\[Y[܈[YH\[\[›و[Z]YYY[ZH܈\\ٝ[ۙ][ۜ˂Z‚Y\][ۈ\RPSX[\Y[H  Bˋ\KYˈˈ NNNKN K  L KܛH[^K M ]YXBUX JHۜY\[]ܚXHY ZY[ ]YXKY[\XH[N   LH K˝X ˞B MTSPTLB