Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, Nr 2 - Page 4

WildLife Group of the SAVA TOPS Permits - an Update Dr. Robert Cambpbell Director C.r.o.s.s ECO Vet One health Services When all of us want to follow the letter of the law to be able to work with wildlife, a struggle starts. This struggle is not so much a veterinary one but rather a required Tops paper run that seems to hit slopes and potholes around every provincial line, some are well tarred surfaces and others are valleys and sinkholes that need to crossed before work can begin without having a green scorpion sting you when you least expect an “Ouch”! Some of you may have had similar experiences or had good experiences but in my opinion you are in the minority. Let’s start at the beginning what was needed to do. 1. Contacting the correct person to obtain the Tops permit application forms. This on its own was a hurdle that seemed to be a musical chair until you go higher up in rank. After being supplied via the DEA with a excel sheet for contactable personnel in each province that could assist. The roulette began. These delivered no satisfaction or responses in the majority of the provinces. Phoning some wildlife friends and who they used had delivered better results. The phones where constantly engaged or no one answers, this was after 3 weeks of continuously phoning during work days at different times. After large struggles and lots of frustration it seemed that asking each province for a contact they knew would assist was the best option to get satisfactory results. This time the struggle was that the personnel 4 assisting many times did not have satisfactory knowledge on the permit to be filled out and there was confusion about the final cost to be paid. This was not on accordance with what was stated by DEA department. I will touch on this matter later in the letter. 2. Completing the relevant sections on the permit request form: