Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, Nr 2 - Page 3

Letter from the chairman Dear Colleagues, There is good news that the legal case between the SAVC and Wildlife Ranching South Africa is no longer an issue due to the changing of the act to accommodate compulsory community service veterinarians. This has been a cloud over our head and relationships with our clients. The SAVC has been burdened with a large legal fee in the process, which we are very grateful they are handling. We hope in future the relationship between ourselves, our clients and SAVC will only strengthen. We are aware of the crisis due to the lack of capture drugs. It is drawing in concerns of animal welfare where we as vets have to use inappropriate alternatives, less than the recommended dose or leave animals that need treatment. The producers, members and committee are communicating and trying to improve the situation. We have some more information on the permits with a very interesting section on post mortem insurance from Prof Kriek. Also in this issue, information on Coastal Dolphins and the culling of hippos in the Kruger National Park Happy reading Greg 2016 MAY 3