Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, Nr 1 - Page 8

WildLife Group of the SAVA The presence of the Leptospira serovars Pomona, Autumnalis, Bratislava, and Copenhageni was demonstrated among the captive vicuña populations in Peru in a survey by Risco-Castillo et al (2104). Their serological survey results revealed 1.9 % (4/207) of vicuñas, 18.6 % (106/571) of alpacas, and 23.3 % (10/43) of llamas to be positive to one or more Leptospira serovars. Serovars Pomona and Autumnalis were the most seroprevalent among the alpaca, llama, and captive vicuñas and no animals were seropositive to Hardjo (more adapted to true ruminants). Infected livestock, rodents, guinea pigs, wild rodents, such as the northern viscacha, colilargo or Andean pygmy mouse,