Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, Nr 1 - Page 11

CPD Questionnaire Which of the following statements are correct? 1. Leptospira interrogans a. Saprophytic b. Has 60 serovars. c. Has 250 serovars with 60 serogroups. d. Has 60 serovars with 25 serogroups. e. Has 250 serovars with 25 serogroups. 2. Leptospira sp. can survive in fresh water for a. 263 days at 300 C. b. 263 days at 200 C. c. 316 days at 40 C. d. 263 days at 40 C. e. 130 days at 300 C. 3. The single most important reservoir worldwide is a. The banded mongoose. b. Rats. c. The Selous mongoose. d. Humans. e. Feral boar. 4. Important zoonotic diseases that can be transmtted through the bush meat trade are: a. Simian foamy virus b. Ebola virus. c. Anthrax. d. Leptospirosis. e. All of the above. AC/1458/16 d. 6,3 % of 42 banded mongooses. e. Not al all. 7. Clinical disease in buffalo have been associated with a. Jaundice, agalactia. b. Jaundice, agalactia, fatal haemorrhagic syndrome. c. Abortion only. d. Jaundice only. e. Congenital defects. 8. Leptospiral infection in non-human primates has been seen in: a. Capuchin only b. Marmosets and Capuchin only. c. Capuchin, marmosets, squirrel monkeys. d. Captive vervet monkeys. e. Both e and d. 9. Clinical disease has been reported in SA in a. Lion. b. Cheetah. c. Leopards. d. None of the above. e. All of the above. 10. Leptospirosis is known to be a prominent case of stranding mortalities in: a. Californian sea lion. b. Cape fur seals. c. King penquins. d. Sea otters. e. Dolphins 5. Evidence of leptospiral infection has been found in the following species in South Africa: a. Nyala, reedbuck. b. Rhino, bushpig, blue wildebeest. c. All of the above. Answer the questions on the Vet360 App. Available from d. Only a. the Itunes/Play Store! e. Only b. Alternative method: Do you want to complete your CPD on the traditional 6. In Botswana renal carriage was virus found in webplatform or SMS system? a. 43 % of 42 banded mongooses. b. 31,4 % of 42 banded mongooses. Use the following codes for sms or follow the link from c. 27,8 % of 42 banded mongooses. www.vet360.vetlink.co.za 2016 MARCH 11