Magazine September 2013 - Page 49

TIP Have a little ‘NOT back to school’ celebration! In my house it seems like I am always competing with the schools because my oldest daughter attends school and that option is in our life every day. I have to constantly show my son and my youngest daughter that homeschooling is just as good as (and really lots more fun than) school. This includes purchasing back to school supplies, having a back to school lunch, purchasing a back to school outfit, having back-to-school photos taken, etc. Quotes from Homeschooling And Loving It! Rebecca Kochenderfer Quotes from Homeschooling And Loving It! Rebecca Kochenderfer Homeschooling is not just a method of education. It’s a lifestyle. You create lifelong learners by being one yourself. Homeschooling is the most flexible and diverse educational option available today. Watching your child grow is cause for wonder. But wonder turns to worry when your child has difficulty learning. It starts with a stutter. Or an inability to focus. Or dozens of other signs. Where can you get help? Will it be right for your child? As the days fly by, many parents who home school have little choice but to turn to their local district and hope for the best. There’s another way. PresenceLearning’s nationwide network of specialists provides the high quality, individualized attention your child needs — right in the privacy of your own home. And because we work with your child LIVE and online, it’s easy and convenient for you, too. PresenceLearning has provided over 250,000 live, online speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions to kids nationwide. CONNECT with the #1 Homeschooling Community! facebook twitter Pinterest Google+ See if online therapy is right for your child. Visit