Magazine September 2013 - Page 42

program specifically created for homeschooling families. It is designed to increase a student’s love and appreciation of the visual arts while enhancing a child’s ability to problem solve, think creatively, and truly see the world around them. Even parents who don’t have an art background can easily use Home Art Studio to add art to their curriculum. archives past quizzes and tests that can be reviewed online at any time. that month. Learn from a fellow homeschooler and professional musician. HomeschoolProgramming. com Homeschool Programming, Inc provides self-study computer programming courses for kids and teens in Java, HTML, C#, and Visual Basic. Students learn how to create their own programs, web pages, iCreate offers a kid-friendly software and iPad app for kids to share what they know through making stop-motion animations. By taking a series of pictures that are then shared as a movie, kids create digital stories across science, math, Home Learning Institute Complete online curriculum for grades 5-12. Lessons are ‘research-based’, encouraging students to find the information, not just read posted material. The courses inspire students to become critical thinkers, who view all sides of an issue and can arrive at thoughtful conclusions. Courses contain complete lesson plans, answer keys, assessments and a parent/ teacher response component for each question. Parents function as the teacher, and direct the student’s education. The parent is free to include or exclude any parts, as well as add special assignments to enhance the course of study. The electronic grade book provides 24/7 access to each student’s progress and games, and Android apps. Each course offers fun, hands-on activities, unique instructional videos, and award-winning textbooks. No teacher expertise is required; the turn-key system guides students with a step-by-step approach, building computer programming skills from the ground up. and language arts. Projects can range from visualizing math word problems, to illustrating blood flow through the heart, to poetry interpretation. Download a free limited feature version of the software or purchase the iPad app to create and share. I Can Play Violin! I Can Play Violin! provides accelerated violin coaching programs and the Violin LearnA-Song-A-Month Masterclass which teaches children 3-11 one song per month. The