Magazine September 2013 - Page 41

curriculum is designed for secular homeschooling. Both are self-study and self-paced tutorials and neither requires prior parental or student computer programming experience. Create! Press Writing can be FUN! Explore the Writing Adventures® System- a lively, highly structured, and systematic approach to the writing process. This research-based system consists of visually simple materials and games that focus on the function of language in sentences, paragraphs, narratives and essays. Also, each tool holds its own as a specific tool to teach or reinforce writing skills. These materials easily integrate with existing language arts programs. Creativity Express Madcap Logic was founded in 2003 by former Disney and Dreamworks animators with a vision to re-define art education. The result is Creativity Express, a comprehensive online curriculum suitable for homeschool settings. Sixteen cross-curricular lessons teach the elements and principles of art, with an added focus on empowering kids’ inner creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills. Hands-on projects complement the online lesson content. Deeper Roots The Deeper Roots team produces Bible curriculum, written BY homeschoolers— FOR homeschoolers. Their materials help you move your students from Biblical knowledge to spiritual application. Essential, well developed teacher’s notes empower you to teach with confidence and minimize your preparation, enabling you to more effectively disciple and mentor your student(s) for maximum spiritual growth. For Junior and Senior High students. Educents A flash-deal website that lists new educational products at a discount of up to 90% off! Check daily for new educational deals for your kids on the top brands and homeschooling products. All sales are for a limited time and are gone in a flash! Family Time Fitness The Family Time Fitness— Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum lets homeschool parents teach physical education without having previous knowledge of physical education or athletic development. The programs are thorough, safe, and emphasize spatial, body, and environmental awareness; neurological development; mind-body coordination; stress reduction; social engagement and more. Hands-On Equations Making Algebra child’s play! This program can be used with any math curriculum to provide students with a solid foundation for success with algebra and to demystify abstract algebraic concepts-and it can be used with children as young as eight years old! Home Art Studio Home Art Studio is a DVD/ ROM based art education g